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Know You ARE Worthy
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Energy Balancing Benefits
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Energy Balancing Benefits

Know You ARE Worthy

While clearing my Chakras, I found a fear stuck in my energies.
Fear of Not being worthy of creating the desires of my Heart
I don't mean ALL. ANY. 
Yep. Fears. 
They were right there, churning in the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. 
Not in a big way, but I could feel the ouchies. Years of clearing...still in there...a tiny bit.
Many of you might be feeling this
Hidden away, unnoticed;
As your friend who "keeps it real" but you can no longer afford to buy the lies she's selling;

Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming!  Can you feel it?  Sleeplessness.  Restlessness.  A thousand ideas entering your mind all at once until you feel completely muddled.  You might not feel quite ready to act on these notions, but creativity is awakening once again!

As energy begins to surge through the Earth, our Bodies’ energies begin to reflect this movement.  The flowers of spring are not yet in bloom, but the soil is thinking about it.  The reserves built up during the dormant winter months will be put to use soon.

Honoring Winter's Sleep

In December, Nature begins to slow down into a lull and then into a long Winter’s Sleep:  The leaves have fallen from the trees, the Harvest is complete, and the Earth rests.  These should all be cues for us to follow suit.  Winter can be a time of celebration and of quiet reflection, but if we are not careful to listen to our own Natural Rhythms, it can also be a time of sickness.  

During winter months, your Body will demand the rest it needs, whether or not you choose to provide it willingly.

Leaving Active Memories Behind You

An ‘Active Memory’ has an emotional charge to it, eliciting a physical response that is so ingrained that it feels like a natural reaction, but it is not. Many of these memories are stored in the limbic (emotional) brain and the amygdala from a young age and since there is no memory of a different reaction, a ‘natural’ reaction is assumed. But when the underlying cause is discovered, the memory that is causing this deep-rooted reaction is often not pleasant, which is why it has been hidden from one’s awareness.

Fall Transition Health

Fall is such an awesome time of year, with its cool breezes and bright landscapes.  Nature gives us one last celebration of color before going to sleep for the winter.  Fall is also a time that can try our immune systems: adjustments to changes in fluctuating temperatures, rain and blooms that incite allergies to re-awaken and the emotions tied to the winds of change. 

With the onslaught of fall, sleep patterns may be affected.  The hours of daylight become less, giving way to more time in darkness, encouraging us to get more sleep.
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