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Honoring Winter's Sleep

In December, Nature begins to slow down into a lull and then into a long Winter’s Sleep:  The leaves have fallen from the trees, the Harvest is complete, and the Earth rests.  These should all be cues for us to follow suit.  Winter can be a time of celebration and of quiet reflection, but if we are not careful to listen to our own Natural Rhythms, it can also be a time of sickness.  

During winter months, your Body will demand the rest it needs, whether or not you choose to provide it willingly.  My Body reminded me of this in December, when I became sick.  I knew I needed extra rest, but couldn’t determine a ‘good enough’ reason as to why.  I needed a reason to sleep, so my Body gave it to me.  While I was sick, I also became aware of other self-care practices that needed to be reviewed… 

The cold air of winter limits our interaction with Nature, so we tend to not get as much fresh air as during other seasons.  Being in-doors more often, we also get less Vitamin D.   We gather with friends and loved ones in enclosed spaces for greater lengths of time.  I like to call this the Petri Dish effect.  All of our Pathogens are dancing around together, having a great party, while our Immune Systems are constantly on guard.  This can be very wearing.  No wonder we’re tired!  

Metaphysical Energy Balancing of the Immune System addresses your Body’s ability to protect itself from all of those Partying Pathogens.  On a good day, the Immune System needs sleep in order to function properly.  During winter, your Body needs more sleep.  This is hard for our society to grasp, as we are very action-oriented.  Often, we misplace our self-worth and value on how much we accomplish.  But you do not say to the Earth, ‘Wake up and DO something!’  Why would you say this yourself?  We need to learn to honor the sleep cycle as a Natural Rhythm of the Body. 

In balancing the whole body-mind, the systems and functions that keep us healthy are strengthened individually and collectively so that the body can support itself as a whole.  The Endocrine System regulates sleep patterns and hormone levels, keeping the Physical Body in a state of equilibrium.  But the Nervous System, the Energetic Body and the Emotional Body are also often tried during winter months.  The people and events that trigger the pathology in our Emotions - and get on our Nerves! - can be evaded to some extent during most seasons, but where are you going to hide when it’s cold outside?  Keeping your Energetic Body balanced will create a boundary for your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.  Keeping the Physical and Emotional aspects of the body-mind complex in balance will reinforce the Immune System and the Nervous System.  

Winter is a time to reflect on the goals we achieved during the year and a time to celebrate our accomplishments.  We gather together to encourage and celebrate one another.  It can be tempting to continue with actions and plans that we did not complete, but this is a time for rest.  The seeds we planted in the fall need to sleep.  There will be time for action in the spring.  But winter is a time to set our intentions and focus.  It is a time to Dream.  In our Dreams, we connect with Spirit.  Perhaps our need for additional sleep is Spirit’s way of saying, ‘This is my time with you.’  

Punxsutawney Phil will predict either six more weeks of winter or an early spring on February 2nd.  I wish everyone a restful Winter Sleep and I invite you to open yourself to Spirit so that you will kick into spring with Inspired Action. ***

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