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Leaving Active Memories Behind You

An ‘Active Memory’ has an emotional charge to it, eliciting a physical response that is so ingrained that it feels like a natural reaction, but it is not. Many of these memories are stored in the limbic (emotional) brain and the amygdala from a young age and since there is no memory of a different reaction, a ‘natural’ reaction is assumed. But when the underlying cause is discovered, the memory that is causing this deep-rooted reaction is often not pleasant, which is why it has been hidden from one’s awareness.  

Here are a series of questions that will help you to understand how Active Memories play out in our daily lives, creating blocks that keep us from living more fully: 

  • Do you ever feel like you are using all of your energy to go in the direction where you think you ought to be, but you just can’t seem to get any traction?  

  • When you meet new people or when you find yourself in unfamiliar situations, do you feel your internal walls go up to protect you?  Do you even know from what you are protecting yourself?   

  • Do certain smells cause you to have trouble breathing?  Do certain noises cause a fearful response?  (There may be multiple Sensory reactions). 

  • Do you have trouble connecting with members of the opposite sex and/or people in general?  Do you feel separate?

  • Do you understand your self-worth?  Do you allow yourself to receive compliments or acts of love from others?  

Sometimes, an Active Memory takes a deeper root, developing a relationship to another area of the Body-Mind complex, such as allergies or intolerances.  These can also be balanced in relationship to each other and to the entire Body-Mind complex. 

If Active Memory is identified as a priority during a Metaphysical Energy Balancing Session, it can be addressed through the BodyTalk® protocol.  These memories can surface as Belief Systems, Events, Fears and Phobias.  Belief Systems can include beliefs about one’s Body Image, beliefs about worthiness to give and receive Love, and beliefs about sensuality or sexuality (these concepts are sometimes confused).  Events can include relationships, fetal life, specific lifetime events and 8 Chakra (prior history) events.
The goal of balancing an Active Memory is to bring this memory into consciousness, de-story it, synthesize the memory without the story and breathe in the new pattern, releasing the emotional charge and the old reaction.  Balancing Active Memories allows you to gain traction you otherwise couldn’t get, allows you to be more open and loving in your relationships and helps you to understand how these old patterns are no longer serving you:  You can leave them in the past where they belong.   

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