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New Experiences and Choices in Movement

Last night, I taught a Nia class as a sub, to fill in at a local dance school.  There I was with about 20 girls, aged 5-17.  I had never been to the school before, so I really did not know what to expect.  And when asked, the girls confirmed my suspicion that they had never heard of Nia.  So, it was a new experience for all of us!  

These girls were wonderful!  They asked questions, they danced as a community and they were full of smiles.  It is phenomenal to be in a room filled with so much energy!  At that age, bodies move easily to the the floor and back to standing.  My parting wisdom:  Never stop getting down to the floor!

As we walk through life, we can become rigid in our thought processes and this rigidity flows to the body.  Our bodies begin to feel the aches and pains of age.  We can heal our bodies by allowing them to become more flexible through movement.  But we can also heal rigidity and limitations in movement by healing the rigidity of our minds.  Recognizing limiting beliefs, breaking through them and letting them go allows us to experience healing on ALL levels.  We become able to think, move and love more freely.  

There are many methods and approaches for holistic healing.  My energy practice includes Reiki, BodyTalk® and Accunect - I have seen and experienced healing results from each.  Another approach is through movement, such as Yoga, Nia®, Tai Chi, Ageless Grace® and many other movement forms.  For some, focusing on re-patterning thought processes works well.  There are many pioneers who can help re-focus thoughts:  Florence Scovell Shinn, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra...your list may include the Angels in your life who remind you each day how wonderful it is to be alive and the beautiful dance Life is.

One of these approaches might work for you...ALL of them might work for you.  But, you get to choose the path you lead and the experiences you will allow yourself to embrace on that path.  What will you choose today?

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