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Fearless Forgiveness

What if in 2013, you stopped trying to obey all the rules you have placed on yourself?  What if you looked into the scary corners of your Shadow Self – all those things you try to deny and hide because you have labeled them as ‘bad’ – and chose to love and embrace all of the parts and pieces that make you human?  This is a good time to start being you.  All of you.  Often, people think the Bible is a Book of Rules that says God will only love you if you are good, according to these rules.

Living Life, 7 Minutes at a Time

At the beginning of December, I took on 2 challenges:  the Nia 7-minute workout (details are available on theEventspage) and 7 minutes of meditation.  I’ve been meaning to do both for several months now, so when Helen Terry posted the Nia challenge and Elizabeth Peru posted her challenge of ’31 Days of Empowerment’ for December, I knew I needed to do both.  When trying to determine my ‘INTENT’ for Empowerment, the first thing that popped into my head was 7 minutes of meditation.  And it seemed that I needed to do both of these together.

Living in the Moment

We don't always get to choose our moments...this was something I said to a friend at work when her tears wouldn't stop. It can be frustrating to cry publicly, leaving one feeling vulnerable and exposed - and at times, inappropriate. But sometimes, the emotion just overflows, uncontrollably. Could she have chosen Joy in that moment? Yes. Would it have been wise to push down the emotion she was experiencing? No. Unexpressed, the emotion would have embedded itself in the body, creating pain.

Fall Transition Health

Fall is such an awesome time of year, with its cool breezes and bright landscapes.  Nature gives us one last celebration of color before going to sleep for the winter.  Fall is also a time that can try our immune systems: adjustments to changes in fluctuating temperatures, rain and blooms that incite allergies to re-awaken and the emotions tied to the winds of change. 

With the onslaught of fall, sleep patterns may be affected.  The hours of daylight become less, giving way to more time in darkness, encouraging us to get more sleep.

New Experiences and Choices in Movement

Last night, I taught a Nia class as a sub, to fill in at a local dance school.  There I was with about 20 girls, aged 5-17.  I had never been to the school before, so I really did not know what to expect.  And when asked, the girls confirmed my suspicion that they had never heard of Nia.  So, it was a new experience for all of us!  

These girls were wonderful!  They asked questions, they danced as a community and they were full of smiles.  It is phenomenal to be in a room filled with so much energy!

The Harvest Dance 2012

I FINALLY created a website!  Don't know what took so long.  But I want to write FIRST about an upcoming event, The Harvest Dance that will take place Oct. 6-7, 2012 in Richmond, VA.

In order for this great event to happen, I need your help getting the word out, as time is running out to register!  Come on, Ladies!  Commit time for you.  This weekend is all about nurturing, pampering and celebrating YOU.  You  deserve   a weekend of fun!

LAST DAY to Register is Sept.
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