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Sound Healing

I wasn't sure what to expect, but was put at ease right away by Angela's calming voice and the sound of the bowls.  During my sound healing session, I felt completely relaxed, but then I began to feel a pain, like a tingling at first and then a pulling, in my left arm and hand.  I had experienced numbness in my ring and little fingers for eleven years, so having these sensations startled me.  At the end of the session, I realized I could feel these two fingers, just as I could feel all of the others.  It's been a couple of months since this particular session and I can tell you that feeling is completely restored.  I couldn't be happier and I highly recommend a sound healing session with Angela! 
~ Robyn G., Richmond, VA

Intuitive Readings

Thank you so much for this incredible reading.  You've given me the most full and complete reading I've ever gotten. I feel like now I know where I'm at and what needs to happen to get to where I want to go. Thank you again!
~ Chyna T., United States

Your reading helped me immensely because it was very precise. Every sentence that you wrote struck a chord. I felt this reading had a really high spiritual energy than other readings that I have received, in that the advice you gave was extremely empowering.
~ Christine L., United States

Your reading was much more than I expected! I love how you combined the cards with your intuition to give full meaning. A true story never really comes about when just using some pre-determined meaning for these cards and no intuition. And I LOVE how you went above and beyond to ask for spiritual guidance from guides/loved ones who have passed/angels/etc. This was definitely a hugely beneficial aspect of the reading. I got so much out of this. With tarot cards it can sometimes be all “here’s what might be happening” and nothing more. It’s way too easy to apply it to just anyone…But if you take the reading you did for me, and try to apply it to someone else, it probably will not make very much sense to them. This felt very personal to me, and like how you really put a lot of effort into it.
~ Cody B., United States

Thank you for your beautiful reading. I found it very relevant and inspiring. I like that you started with an introduction of yourself, your method, and your beliefs in regards to tarot…it helped me feel connected to you. I also liked that you incorporated the Angel cards with the tarot. I found your explanations of the cards intuitively right on and expressed in a kind, warm and loving way.
~ Alice B., United States 

Your reading is very spot on - I can identify with it in a lot of ways...So thank you for the clear, precise and professional read...You stayed to the point and kept the same theme throughout. Thanks again! 
~ Naheed R., India

Just wanted to follow up on your reading from a couple months ago. The insights you gave me are so useful. They truly inspire me and also give me concrete tools to use, which I love...I have manifested friends and lots of fun activities and little adventures. Thanks again and I hope this follow up helps you in any way. Blessings!
~ Carla, UK

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