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About Me

Angela Carpenter is a Certified BodyTalk®Practitioner, Accunect Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, CYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Nia Blue Belt and Certified Ageless Grace® Educator.  She offers in-office and distance Intuitive Readings and Energy Balancing appointments through her practice.   

Angela had her first encounter with alternative health while in college, experiencing healing through Iridology and holistic herbs.  She was introduced to BodyTalk® in December, 2007, and became a Certified Practitioner in May, 2008.  Later that year, she became a Reiki Practitioner and continued study to become a Reiki Master/ Teacher for Usui and Karuna® Reiki. 

In 2009, Angela was introduced to The Nia Technique® and has been dancing ever since, incorporating elements of ‘Dancing Through Life’ into her energy practice.  She became a Certified Ageless Grace® Educator in 2011, adding to the dance.  Looking to further expand the element of Joy in her energy practice, Angela became an AccunectTM Practitioner in 2012.    

Before opening and then while developing her practice, Angela continued working for an international power generation company as a technical project manager and business systems analyst.  Juggling high-stress corporate positions while creating a business that promotes holistic healing and wellness, she often found herself torn between opposing extremes.  

Her personal challenge was to balance left-brain dominance, allowing right-brain expansion and opening to Heart wisdom.  Angela continues to learn the rewards of following her Heart, completing CYT-200 training in January 2014, and new Nia Certifications: Nia Move to Heal in October 2017 and Nia FreeDance in November 2017.   

In the middle of her development as an Integrative Wellness Practitioner, Intuitive Gifts began to be remembered and once again, communication with Angels, Guides and Loved Ones are a part of Angela's daily life.  She is an Empath, Healer and a Natural Medium. She uses her Intuitive gifts to connect you with messages of Love that can be healing to your Heart and align you with your Soul's Path.

“I enjoy working with clients who are ready to find their Soul Path!  It is phenomenal to watch a person’s passion for Life ignite within them.  My goal is to empower others to heal, to find balance through energy movement and to view life as a Joyful dance. ”

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