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Shape Shifters - Central Virginia is focused on providing alternative health and wellness services that help you become more YOU!

Signs of Life and Renewal

Who is ready for spring? Flowers. Sunshine. Cool breezes. Mother Nature trying to make up her mind whether or not she is really ready to awaken... Have you rested?  Have you envisioned?  Before creating, it is a great idea to be clear about what you do - and do not - want to create.  Spring time is about setting boundaries.  Have you started feeling some of this??  Aren't people a grand mirror for the boundaries you keep...and break?

Take extra care with yourself. If you find your boundaries are broken and you don't feel like you handled it well, relax...we get lots of opportunities to mend our own fences and the fences we keep with others. 

What will you be creating this spring?  What seeds are you planting? Some of us love wild flowers and weeds.  Before they show up in your garden, make sure they are the ones YOU enjoy.  Key words: Clarity and Boundaries

If you would like help with Clarity for your plans or help with setting and keeping healthy boundaries, I am here. Check out the Services and Purchase pages, and contact me through email to schedule your Intuitive Reading or Energy Balancing session with me.  Get ready for YOUR BEST SELF

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