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Lessons in Surrender

When disaster strikes, sometimes your only option is to surrender and bow to life.  Here’s what I learned and, in some cases, remembered about myself when I softened to the chaos of destruction and creation…my own personal Big Bang!  Some of these lessons may sound familiar or seem like no-brainers, but notice if they're part of your personal experience or if you have forgotten, as I did.

  1. I am more patient than I have ever given myself credit.
  2. I am tenacious, fearless and strong.
  3. My Inner Bitch is a Rock Star Goddess and I don’t celebrate – or party with! – her enough.
  4. I can ask for what I want without apology.
  5. What I want is not limited to time, money, space, any thing or any one, and especially, not what is considered realistic.
  6. I am not a doormat.
  7. I am now allowing myself to receive more and better, because I understand and know that I am worthy of every good thing. ALL of it.
  8. It’s ok to make a lot of money.  Even more – it’s ok to enjoy making a lot of money.
  9. It’s ok to give of myself.  What’s in here is stardust and gold.  No one’s approval is required.  I am who I AM.
  10. I am very loved and supported.
  11. I am lovable.
  12.  I am beautiful – inside and out.
  13. It’s ok to make mistakes. Fabulous, even.
  14. It’s ok to be wrong.
  15. No one can take away from me or diminish who I am unless I let them.
  16. It’s ok to tell the people who try #15 to fuck off…!
  17. I’m tired of saying “I’m sorry” – I can be kind and compassionate without apology.
  18. Time – MY TIME – is precious and should not be wasted on anyone or anything that does not serve my highest and best.
  19. I am a Powerful Creator: I really can make the most out of any situation.
  20. ALL of Life really is FOR me – for my growth and my benefit.

I hope lessons in surrender and self-love come to you with less destruction than I am experiencing.  But, know that you are not alone, you are loved beyond measure, and all this really is FOR You.  
Blessings! ~ Angela

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Deb on Monday, January 29, 2018 11:38 AM
I love this list! It's funny how we find ourselves in situations that make us realize all of those wonderful things about ourselves!
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