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Lessons in Surrender
BIG LOVE in the Hot Studio
Mental Boot Camp: Re-Training the Mind to Create Peace
Trusting Life
Spring is Coming!


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Lessons in Surrender

When disaster strikes, sometimes your only option is to surrender and bow to life.  Here’s what I learned and, in some cases, remembered about myself when I softened to the chaos of destruction and creation…my own personal Big Bang!  Some of these lessons may sound familiar or seem like no-brainers, but notice if they're part of your personal experience or if you have forgotten, as I did.

  1. I am more patient than I have ever given myself credit.
  2. I am tenacious, fearless and strong.
  3. My Inner Bitch is a Rock Star Goddess and I don’t celebrate – or party with!

BIG LOVE in the Hot Studio

The Hot Series is not a style of Yoga I would have chosen for myself, so when the opportunity to learn and teach this style showed up unexpectedly, I chose to accept .   I am sharing my experiences in the Hot Studio not to promote or critique this style of Yoga, but to give Voice to what I discovered about myself, and the life I was creating, through this practice.

Showing Up

Yoga showed up for me at a time of great uncertainty.  I had created my Energy Practice and had been teaching Nia for a few years, but everything I had accomplished in both areas felt like a struggle.

Mental Boot Camp: Re-Training the Mind to Create Peace

Every day is an opportunity to allow the mind to wander into a beautiful garden, filled with rolling hills, springtime flowers, cool breezes, birds singing and blue skies filled with sunshine.  But how often do we create a war zone in our minds, full of muddy manholes, fear and dread, the sound of loud weapons firing followed by bigger weapons firing even more loudly and dull, gray skies.  Which world would you rather create?  Where would you rather live? 

It is possible to live and love in a world filled with war, but it is ego-driven and filled with fear.

Trusting Life

I remember walking into work one Monday morning, while I was in my twenties, when a fellow co-worker greeted me saying, “Only four more days until Friday.”  That statement slapped me in the face as I realized I agreed with him.  I didn’t know it at the time, but these words would later be a driving factor for me, a measure against how I would choose to do or not do anything I deemed important.

At the time, I thought I was making the most of my career and building a life for myself. But I was a hot mess.

Spring is Coming!

Spring is coming!  Can you feel it?  Sleeplessness.  Restlessness.  A thousand ideas entering your mind all at once until you feel completely muddled.  You might not feel quite ready to act on these notions, but creativity is awakening once again!

As energy begins to surge through the Earth, our Bodies’ energies begin to reflect this movement.  The flowers of spring are not yet in bloom, but the soil is thinking about it.  The reserves built up during the dormant winter months will be put to use soon.

Honoring Winter's Sleep

In December, Nature begins to slow down into a lull and then into a long Winter’s Sleep:  The leaves have fallen from the trees, the Harvest is complete, and the Earth rests.  These should all be cues for us to follow suit.  Winter can be a time of celebration and of quiet reflection, but if we are not careful to listen to our own Natural Rhythms, it can also be a time of sickness.  

During winter months, your Body will demand the rest it needs, whether or not you choose to provide it willingly.

Leaving Active Memories Behind You

An ‘Active Memory’ has an emotional charge to it, eliciting a physical response that is so ingrained that it feels like a natural reaction, but it is not. Many of these memories are stored in the limbic (emotional) brain and the amygdala from a young age and since there is no memory of a different reaction, a ‘natural’ reaction is assumed. But when the underlying cause is discovered, the memory that is causing this deep-rooted reaction is often not pleasant, which is why it has been hidden from one’s awareness.

Fearless Forgiveness

What if in 2013, you stopped trying to obey all the rules you have placed on yourself?  What if you looked into the scary corners of your Shadow Self – all those things you try to deny and hide because you have labeled them as ‘bad’ – and chose to love and embrace all of the parts and pieces that make you human?  This is a good time to start being you.  All of you.  Often, people think the Bible is a Book of Rules that says God will only love you if you are good, according to these rules.

Living Life, 7 Minutes at a Time

At the beginning of December, I took on 2 challenges:  the Nia 7-minute workout (details are available on theEventspage) and 7 minutes of meditation.  I’ve been meaning to do both for several months now, so when Helen Terry posted the Nia challenge and Elizabeth Peru posted her challenge of ’31 Days of Empowerment’ for December, I knew I needed to do both.  When trying to determine my ‘INTENT’ for Empowerment, the first thing that popped into my head was 7 minutes of meditation.  And it seemed that I needed to do both of these together.

Living in the Moment

We don't always get to choose our moments...this was something I said to a friend at work when her tears wouldn't stop. It can be frustrating to cry publicly, leaving one feeling vulnerable and exposed - and at times, inappropriate. But sometimes, the emotion just overflows, uncontrollably. Could she have chosen Joy in that moment? Yes. Would it have been wise to push down the emotion she was experiencing? No. Unexpressed, the emotion would have embedded itself in the body, creating pain.
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