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October - Are You Ready to LET GO??

So....we had a partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th and a Total Lunar Eclipse on September 28th. Are you still reeling from the crazy energy?  It was all a bit overwhelming and it feels like things are STILL settling down. Did you make any new discoveries? What was revealed to you? I hope you received some amazing insights, even if some of these might be difficult to process. It's good to remember that everything is happening FOR you (even if it doesn't feel like it).   

You might have noticed the hint of fall that is about: cooler temperatures, shorter days, turning leaves... Nature really does show us just how Beautiful she is one more time before slowly moving into sleep.  But, she also shows us the miracle of letting go.  Those leaves that are turning such vibrant colors?  They are dying, which means the trees are no longer serving them and they are no longer serving their purpose.  What happens next?  The leaves and the trees release each other, with the promise of new growth in the spring. Is that not awesome?!

Would it be easier to let go of all the things and people not serving you anymore if you knew that something or someone else was on the way to help you meet your potential and recognize how wonderful you are? Think what would happen if the dead leaves remained on the trees.  They would turn brown and crinkly, no longer receiving needed nourishment and the trees would begin to look gnarled and old.  Is this the picture you want your life to take?  I didn't think so...

October is a chance to weed out what you no longer need, to create time and space for rest and rejuvination.  I have a couple of Events coming up, so be sure to check them out...but, I will begin thinning out my calendar, as I am taking time to weed out what I no longer need for myself.  I hope you take time to enjoy the transition of fall.

If you would like help with this, Check out the Services and Purchase pages, or contact me through email to schedule your Intuitive Reading or Energy Balancing session with me.  Get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

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