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March-ing into Spring

Winter has a way of reminding us all to slow down. Even when we think we are ready for spring to get here already, Mother Earth shows us one more time the gifts winter brings.  

As spring fever starts to rise, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the Earth in winter, in its resting state.  I experienced a Shamanic Journey where I became one with a tree and experienced the four seasons from the viewpoint of that tree. What struck me most was how I felt in winter. In all of the other seasons, I was 'clothed' with leaves and flowers and fruit.  But in winter, only the bark  of the tree was exposed.  I had the oddest sensation of feeling naked and vulnerable.  It gave me a completely different perspective of winter.  I find this season more beautiful each year.

As we move from winter to spring, are you feeling vulnerable? Indecisive?  Is it harder to connect with the Voice of your Heart during the transition into spring, as we move from the quiet into the (at times) explosiveness of waking into bloom?

Take time to listen to the Voice of your Heart, while we are in the still hours of winter. Hearing your own Voice now will help you to stay connected to your own resonance as you receive the gifts of change spring is sure to bring. Are you ready for this transition?  Are you having trouble hearing the Voice of your Heart?  Check out the Services and Purchase pages, or contact me through email to schedule your Energy Balancing session with me. Get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

Be sure to check out  "Spring Is Coming" for more information about the transition from winter to spring.

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