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July starts in the dark!

With the heat of the day, I think it's safe to say that summer is finally here!  This past winter, we all longed for the days of summer. Now that the heat has arrived, are you enjoying every drop of sun?  Or, are you longing for the next season to arrive?

So often, we are looking forward to what is coming next and we miss all the wonderful things that are happening and coming to us now.  The month of July begins in shadow, after the New Moon in late June.  Take time to sit in stillness.  I recently heard this called 'quietude' and I think the term is rather fitting.  

Do you set time aside for quietude?  Do you sit in silence, only to listen?  Spring is usually busy, with action plans and meetings.  Enjoy the lull of summer.  It calls to you to listen and to simply breathe.

If you are not a peace with moments of quietude, what is creating your feelings of restlessness?  If you can't quite put your finger on it, but would like to bring the underlying current into consciousness to be released, then schedule your Energy Balancing session with me and get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

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Check back later for new updates...There's much more to come!

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