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Happy Lunar New Year, New Month, New Moon!

Because it is the first sign of the Zodiac and when all of Life begins to wake up from the cold of winter, I personally think the "New Year" should begin with Aries in March. But, I am not in charge of any calendar year. So, we have the New Year that begins at the start of January and the Lunar New Year that begins at the end of January.  This is the Year of the Fire Rooster.  The Fire Element really gives us a BOOST. Think of what lights your fire, what moves you into action, what gets you going each day. This is Your Fire.

How will you use Your Fire in 2017?  What will you create for yourself?

If you would like help with what needs to move so that you are tapped in to Your Fire more completely, Check out the Services and Purchase pages, or contact me through email to schedule your Intuitive Reading or Energy Balancing session with me.  Get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

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