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Welcome January's NEW Beginnings

The Earth rests.  Oh, I wish I could join her!  Don't you wish you could just mark winter as 'nap time' and be done with it?!  But, that is not how things work in our world of calendars and clocks, meetings and appointments.  Whatever happened to Natural Time?

Do you ever notice that YOUR Natural Time isn't in line with all of those commitments? Maybe your best time to awaken is 7:30am, not 6:00am.  Or, perhaps your ideal time to eat lunch is at 2:00pm, not right at noon.  The schedule dictated to us by the world in which we live can throw off our own natural rhythms, which can create imbalances within our bodies, including issues with digestion and sleep patterns.

Are you ready to embrace the year in YOUR own Natural Time?  Check out the Services and Purchase pages, or contact me through email to schedule your Energy Balancing session with me. Get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

Be sure to check out "Honoring Winter's Sleep" for more information about the opportunity winter gives us to catch up on the much-needed rest we require and deserve.

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