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April is a time of possibility!

I've never understood why we have New Year's in the middle of winter.  Who is motivated to get anything done, much less planned, when it's cold outside?!

We are now coming into the Astrological New Year.  You'll notice a lot of companies begin their Fiscal New Year on April 1st.  Except that it is already claimed as April Fool's Day, I think it would make a GREAT New Year's Day!

Now is the time to wipe away the sleep from our eyes, to take stock, to plan and to get ready for Action!  Before spring really gets into full swing, we are given a canvas of endless possibilities.  Nothing has actually happened yet, so we are in that magical space of what COULD be.

Are you ready to dream the excitement of spring or are you still experiencing the lucidity of the winter months, slow to awaken.  Flexibility is the key word for the month!  We are at Nature's mercy as to when spring actually begins, adding to our uncertainty and hesitation to get moving.
If you find yourself reacting to, or even ignoring, the gentle wake-up calls of spring, instead of responding to them, then schedule your Energy Balancing session with me and get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

Check back later for new updates...There's much more to come!

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