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Can You Feel the Love?

Love comes in many forms. Not all are romantic. The best include respect and kindness. How do you show your loved ones that you care?  How do you want love to be shown to you?

A few days ago, I set about the loving task of meditating. When I don't set time aside every day to meditate, I notice a love-hate relationship play out before my eyes. And, I feel disjointed. Meditation is my way to defrag my system.  Notice what works for you!  In this particular meditation, I needed to write. The love that poured out of me and onto paper is my gift to you. Happy Valentine's Day! Sending out much love!

"Tonight, I heard the rain.
Not an angry, raging storm.
A gentle, cleansing rain.
As I listened to each drop fall and connect with a space on the Earth, I knew that exact space was intended.
I listened as the rain washed the Earth of judgment and strife, anger, hatred, worry, remorse...
The nerves, the flesh, the bones.
I listened as the rain washed the sins that have taken place on her shores and on her lands for centuries.
Washed them clean.
And the Earth received each drop.
She welled up and sighed, "Thank you," as she breathed through lungs that haven't been this clear since the last gentle rain.
It's been a long time..."
Angela Carpenter ©2018

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