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August: It's a Bold, New World!

Last month, we let the past go and began again, with a clean slate. Early into this month, the Moon begins a New Cycle in Leo.  Leo energy is playful and creative, but also courageous.  The Lion is the King of the Jungle (the beasts, anyway) and didn’t get that way by being timid.  What have you been wanting to do, but you haven’t felt bold enough to take that first step?  August is your time to jump in!  Use your curiosity to keep things light for you. Ask questions to get you to your next steps and keep going.

Using your imagination is pivotal in changing the world around you.  Dare to see things under a different lens…let go of the microscope as much as you can.  The Universe is a chaotic space that does not always make sense.  Yes, it adheres to certain laws, but the combination of reactionary energies can raise a few eyebrows every now and then. 

If you would like help with stepping fully into the spaces you created in July, Check out the Services and Purchase pages, or contact me through email to schedule your Intuitive Reading or Energy Balancing session with me.  Get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

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