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So Happy to See October!

September seemed to get here so quickly, but I am grateful for October.  As Anne of Green Gables said, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." 

But, fall can be tricky with your health, so be sure to check out the blog for "Fall Transition Health" for tips to keep you healthy as we move out of the warmer summer months into the cooler part of our year.

If you're a fall fan, you are probably ready for hayrides and pumpkin picking - it's so nice to be outside, enjoying the crisp air of an autumn day. But, this time of year might also bring up some emotions and memories that might not be so joyous.  When you think about the leaves changing color, not because they are blooming, but because they are dying, that can put a damper on our spirits.  Take this in as a reminder to find the gift in all things. Enjoy the earth's beautiful fall colors, it's last nod before preparing to sleep. 

If you are not seeing the gifts Life is presenting to you, I can help with that!  Check out the Services and Purchase pages, or contact me through email to schedule your Energy Balancing session with me and get ready for YOUR BEST SELF!

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